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FAM, formed in 2019 by Addie Cukingnan and Remy Boquiren, is a mix of mid-career and seasoned artists known for their individual style of floral compositions. Exhibiting their works are Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, Naomi Banal, Flor Baradi, Sue Bernardo-Montelibano, Remy Boquiren, Chie Cruz, Addie Cukingnan, Lisa De Leon-Zayco, Joey Dyhianto, Eileen Bondoc Escueta, Julia Lopue, Inka Madera, Jinky Rayo, Maria Ann Reyes, Alicia Santos, Sheila Tiangco, Jo Uygongco, Melissa Villasenor and Inna Naanep-Vitasa. In FLOURISH group exhibit, FAM members celebrate a garland of women’s artistry, a bouquet of skills and creativity put together as a colorful arrangement.


A nurturing environment that allows each plant to grow is where all flowers bloom. The same can be said about FAM as a collective of women that flourishes together by nurturing each other’s individuality. As women, we don’t always have to all be the same or aspire for the same things, but it’s best that we always allow each other to bloom. An all-female group such as FAM exemplifies the best way to flourish as a solid community supporting each other as a family. There won’t be a better testament to this than the bright, playful and colorful flowers in this exhibit.

Artwork Collection

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