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In celebration of the National Museum and Galleries Month this October, vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery presents an three-artists exhibition entitled “SEEING EYE TO EYE”. The exhibit, featuring paintings of SUMMER DE GUIA, WENCYL MALLARI and RON MARIÑAS.
The nude is one of the oldest subjects of the visual arts, and yet, despite the over 30,000 years of its history, it still is one of the most charged. Changing and reflecting the mores of the time, the nude has at some point and in particular cultures, expressed the pinnacle of humanity, and at other times, has been derided as inappropriate, obscene, base, immoral or sinful. As a subject, it expresses not just sexuality, but also, the politics of gender, status, race, and social structure. Because of its universality, it has been used to express ideals, values, religious concepts, through allegory; but at the same time, the basest expressions of sexuality, desire, and its cognate, commercialism.
SEEING EYE TO EYE is a contemporary take by three young and promising contemporary figurative artists: Summer De Guia, Wencyl Mallari and Ron Mariñas. Using the body as both the means and locus of expression, De Guia, Mallari and Mariñas explore not just the themes and values that is the focus of their individual interests, but also, reflect the zeitgeist of our time. – Ricky Francisco
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