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eric roca

Roca’s paintings can be described as surreal, symbol
laden, dark, grim, morbid and grotesque. They are depicted with
mostly twisted images of raw sinewy creatures that seem to be in
a perpetual state of despair. They are his allegorical portrayals,
his stance on which he mirrors the state of society and the
political environment that he is currently in.

He attributes his start in painting with the late Bobbi Valenzuela,
then the curator of Hiraya Gallery, as his “adviser/mentor” having
given the artist his first solo exhibition in Hiraya’s “Discovery

Born in Lucena City, Quezon province, he studied Architecture
at Enverga University, and eventually took up fine arts, major in
Painting, at the University of the Philippines. Started his career as
an illustrator, particularly for children’s books, then to magazines,
newspapers and other publications. He has worked for “The
Straits Times” of Singapore as an Editorial Illustrator for several
years. Currently, he is a contributing artist for “The Manila
Bulletin” as an Editorial Cartoonist.


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