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A continuity of re/-imagination is probably what we deal with in this seeming suspension of life. We embrace, or at least try to, this period as a long pause while we tread through uncertainty. There may be comfort in suspension as there too may be anxiety, unease and fear. In this suspension we try to make sense of our ways of thinking, feeling, moving while we try to survive in discomfort. When it gets overwhelming, we come to art for rescue because making sense of ourselves is not an easy task.


And then maybe we will never know how to control ourselves, never figure out how to soothe our inner monsters, never fully understand the irony of stillness and chaos intertwining, overlapping, continuously changing. But at least, we have art to document our re/-imaginings, making sense of things and keeping our mental and emotional state at bay.


Sixteen artists share snippets of re/imaginings in small artworks -- a metaphor too that there are no ideas too small, no thought that come in singles, no single emotion unmixed with others.

A Malady of Sorts_2021+web.jpg
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