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We can tell you that this collection of paintings is a series of mise en scene captured visually in a soft-hued color palette to chronicle the many anecdotes with people, places and objects in the artist’s life. We can tell you that it is a visual travelogue of a lover of cinema who also experiences the world as moving images that he records as paintings. We can tell you that it is an accumulation of years of journaling with watercolor, a medium that allows for spontaneity and letting go yet poses control, vision and discipline on top of a dedication to the medium. We can tell you more, but each description will only be a prologue to more and more that may in turn just be a small and partial feature of the artist and his art.

For Paulu Mathay Bruselas and his art, each painting is a vignette of love experienced in a specific moment with all the richness of stories, emotions, memories, and all else within its micro-narrative. We are not using the word ‘love’ loosely in this exhibit and only the artworks themselves may tell you why and how. Join us on September 11, 2022 at 3:00 in the afternoon at vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery x Young Artists’ Studio, 3/F Estancia Mall East Wing Capitol Commons Pasig. We will all belong to a crowd witnessing and enjoying a total of 50 paintings; each having a story to tell and love to give.

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