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What life do you live in your sleep? For me, sometimes it's a life I wish to stay asleep in, and at some unwanted times it's one that I'm grateful I woke up from. Those unwanted times actually get more frequent these days as we traverse many unknowns. I sometimes wonder which life is more real and feel like the one I live with my eyes closed are the more authentic. I remember that Salvador Dali once said that we "work constantly in the moment of sleep". When do we not work then? Do we ever rest? Can we figure out who we really are in these changing settings of unrest - awake, asleep, half-asleep, half-awake (is there even a boundary?).


Maybe to be with someone and not know about his/ her dreams is not knowing fully or not knowing at all. Maybe to share oneself may only be complete with an inclusion of dreams, no matter how vaguely we remember or however difficult to catch a memory of a slumber. In this exhibit, six artists grace us with what they can catch from their dreams. Dodie Bergonia, Kimberly Dy Buncio, Tintin Elbo, Laramie Espadero, Juls Gomez and Kelvin Taol let their other lives open in these painted frames in recollection of what might be their deepest desires, biggest worries or fullest of beings.

- Avie Felix

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