UNEASY PEACE: photographs by Eloi Hernandez

Uneasy Peace is an online solo exhibit by Eloisa May P. Hernandez, who marks her return to exhibition after a number of years. Consisting of 40 photographs of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus, where Hernandez lives and works, Uneasy Peace navigates the tension occasioned by the enduring silence and emptiness of familiar spaces—streets, school buildings, sites of public art—where people, prior to the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, once gathered as a matter of course and long to gather in again.

Certain photographs in the exhibition are reproduced in this calendar and other merchandise. The proceeds from the sale of such merchandise are donated to Art Mobile Relief Kitchen, a volunteer group of artists and cultural workers that endeavors to feed the hungry in times of distress.


Hernandez is Professor at the Department of Art Studies, College of Arts and Letters, UP Diliman, where she teaches courses in art history, film studies, popular art and culture, and gender issues. 

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Tómelo o Déjelo (Take It or Leave It): The Art of Little Wing Luna


We were told that to be able to create we need to learn techniques and jargons and histories and important people and certain cliques. We were told that to live a fulfilled life we need this and that, and certain laurels, certain badges, certain prefixes and suffixes. We were told that to grow up we need to wear certain tight stuff and pay our bills and stay sober and try our best and try our best and try our best. But… a person of her own never listens to what she has been told. That’s the kind of person described to us by these paintings of Little Wing Luna.


Almost without trying, Little Wing Luna’s persona elicits a second look. Nonchalant, playful, unapologetic, creative, alive. And in that second look, you get a different view not only of the artist and her paintings, but of the world they occupy and that which you do too.

- A. Felix

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Alabang, Quezon City and Pasig City, Philippines

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