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How long do you pause these days when someone asks you "how are you feeling today"? It might even take longer as you attempt to really identify what you feel at a given moment when grief, fear and sadness come together yet with a mélange of hope, gratitude, joy and awe. No emotion comes singly now. No halt button on their avalanche too.


Seven Filipino contemporary artists try to paint this spectrum of entangled emotions that we may no longer have a name for. In this context of CQs, Alert Levels, modifications and granulations with all the nuances of schemes and dissonances, artists Dodie Bergonia, Kimberly Dy Buncio, Tintin Elbo, Alaya Esguerra, Avie Felix, Jade Gacuan and Oliver Ramos, attempt to paint not scenes or concepts or likeness but pure emotion. In the hopes that emotions can be visualized as a process to unload, art becomes a release. 

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