On December 4, 2022 at 5:00 in the afternoon, vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery becomes home to 13 works of art by painter-designer-advocate Rebie Picazo Ramoso for her third solo exhibit, a second in her homeland and following maiden solo in Italy. vMeme invites you to an afternoon of multidisciplinary experience as the artist’s digital paintings are unveiled with accompanying prose and poetry, spoken words, and live conversations meant to translate the artistic process into a mode of appreciating art.

Artworks are more than just brush strokes and colors that make up images. This is most especially true in the art of Rebie Picazo Ramoso formed from years of praxis in painting and psychology as a merged modality of creating. For Rebie, artworks are both vessels and vehicles of an intimate understanding of what is it to be human. Her pieces are stories of people captured through conversations with her subjects and crafted in hyper-realistic digital paintings. As much as an impressive portfolio of skillfulness and mastery of the digital media, this body of work is also an illustration of the potential of visual arts as tool for psychology. Whether for analysis or therapy or simple appreciation, these artworks serve an affective function as much as they compose a powerful visual surprise. In this collection, art and psychology almost become a combined field in a path of practice, both challenging and unique, that Rebie traverses.

For this exhibit, Rebie compiles 13 stories of women translated into digital artworks that became source materials for 13 writers to compose narratives which are then translated into audio form. The process of listening to women’s stories as a mode of art production becomes the same process to converse with a public audience; in between, the artworks become a platform for unending collaboration. The show is an invitation for viewers to translate these layers of storytelling into their own understanding of the pieces and their subject matter. It is a beginning of many more stories shared, many more voices heard and many more individuals understood.