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WOKE UP LIKE THIS: FLOR BARADI’S 3rd Solo Exhibit opens at vMeme Estancia is a timely conversation about selfies, OOTDs, #nofilters in contemporary social media in Flor Baradi’s solo exhibit entitled WOKE UP LIKE THIS, opening on May 14, 4:00 pm at vMeme x Young Artists’ Studio in Estancia Mall. 


To describe this show as playful, fantastic and witty is truthful but may be a simplification of a multilayered art process and practice that make up Flor Baradi’s grotesque series. In this show, Baradi’s skillful and insightful aesthetic greets the audience with a new and forward perspective on self-representation, women’s imagery, social and consumer cultures.


“These artworks are part of a series entitled ‘The Grotesques’, a tribute to iconic women- Renaissance muses, Supermodels of the 80s, Hollywood stars, 50’s pin-up girls, and Instagram influencers. The series is a tongue-in-cheek representation of the absurdities we currently see, hear, and experience e.g. fake news, history revisionism, climate change denial, science doubters, sexism, racism, ridiculous standards of beauty/lifestyle.”, shares Flor Baradi.

Artwork Collection

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