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Take it or Leave it_Little Wing Luna_IG

We were told that to be able to create we need to learn techniques and jargons and histories and important people and certain cliques. We were told that to live a fulfilled life we need this and that, and certain laurels, certain badges, certain prefixes and suffixes. We were told that to grow up we need to wear certain tight stuff and pay our bills and stay sober and try our best and try our best and try our best. But… a person of her own never listens to what she has been told. That’s the kind of person described to us by these paintings of Little Wing Luna.


Almost without trying, Little Wing Luna’s persona elicits a second look. Nonchalant, playful, unapologetic, creative, alive. And in that second look, you get a different view not only of the artist and her paintings, but of the world they occupy and that which you do too.



Little Wing Luna is a multi-form artist producing street photographs and paintings on a daily basis. She first exhibit with vMeme Contemporary in 2012 with the show CHASING THE QUOTIDIAN where she presented documentary and street photography with fellow artist Jo A. Santos. While more popularly known for her work in photography (most especially her ‘Off to Work’ series), Wing crosses over the other side of visual arts in this first exhibit of paintings. This series speaks of her personality, a heavy influence of Kahlo and her unapologetic stance on her life lived with art, fun, liquor and rock n’ roll. Take it or leave it.

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